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About Me

997037_602090633146220_1842845460_n My name is Jorge. Since 1997, people have recognized or come to know me as TheEnd757 online and off the virtual web. I’m just an average guy who enjoys what life has to offer. I like trying new things and take each day as an opportunity to learn something new. On my site, you will see the things I do and the people I work with. I work for a company called NCC which refers its business to helping maintain sufficient computer services to its clientele. I have had the utmost privileged of working with the company for over 7 years. I have learned so much from the owners and its associates. I do enjoy spending most evenings socializing at the local social club with friends, having good times and taking in the atmosphere. I make good attempts to care for my well-being and make good on trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I spend much of time with my family as well, and enjoy the moments I have with them. At other times, I do enjoy playing video games. I am a retro gamer and have been since the time of the Nintendo NES console term. I am also a Texans Houston fan and like watching sports games overall. I also enjoy attending the local flea markets, toy conventions, and pawn shops to look for items that spark my interest and might look nice in any of my various collections. . Have PS3 or PS4?  My time zone Central Time (US & Canada) Time I get on  9-10:30pm Games I play are
  • Battlefield- Click her for my battlelog 
  • Call of Duty