Raspberry Pi EmulationStation

I haven’t had a chance to work emulation station or update the site. The picture below is what I worked on. Is custom made. It a playstation case that was sand down and painted. Make it retro I added a reset button to make it stand out. If I get a chance I will add Symbol of raspberry pi in middle of case. The Controller port 1 and 2 work I made it to work on PS2 controller.  Back of the case have power, RJ45, HDMI and composite video.  When you left the led up you will see Raspberry Pi. The OS is running RetroPie Project

If you wanna know about Raspberry Pi and Retro Projects here are the links

raspberry pi
Retro Projects

What I use for this project was

Playstation Case
HDMI Cable
Triple Phono Plug Coupler
Red Button SPST Pushbutton Switch
Pushbutton On/Off




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